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Business consultancy

Need some advice?

It’s good to talk. Especially with someone who’s familiar with your business, and who can give you regular, expert advice. If you’re struggling with a particular problem, having a sounding board can help you see your situation in a different light. And we’ve almost certainly come across it before …

Practical experience

Because of our personal and professional experience of managing businesses in a wide variety of industries, our input isn’t limited to bean counting. We can help you deal with commercial issues ranging from insurance, IT and data protection to HR, employment law, health and safety, and countless more. If you need specialist help to deal with a particular issue, we’ll be able to find the advice you need from within our trusted network of professionals.

Of course we naturally provide financial management consultancy which often sits alongside a range of accounting and tax services. Management accounts, payroll services, budgeting, forecasting … the more we do for you, the more you’ll want us to do.

You stay in control

Our job is to listen and advise, not spout information at you. So while we’ll always give you clear advice and proactive suggestions, you’re the one who makes the decisions. You call the shots. Tell us what advice you need, when and in what format, and we’ll deliver.

And we always aim to keep things simple and easy to understand. We talk in plain English. No jargon.

On our radar

We put your business on our radar. We keep abreast of changes that are relevant to your industry or marketplace. We’ll always be thinking in your interests, and passing on ideas or resources we come across that may be of help to you.

We can also put you in contact with other people and organisations that may be of benefit to your business, and even other experts who may be able to help your development.

Up to the mark

Not sure how you’re progressing? We can help by benchmarking your business against other similar organisations to see where you’re doing well, where not so well, and where you might need to focus attention. We can also help you assess your competitors.

Common areas of advice

Pricing and margins – looking at your current costing and pricing systems and suggesting possible improvements

Cost control – measuring and monitoring your cost base, identifying areas of potential cost reduction and/or productivity improvement

Key performance indicators – identifying, measuring and monitoring the key factors for the success of your business

Capital investments and project appraisal – looking at capital spending proposals and financing options, assessing return on investment, and helping you make sure before you make the commitment that you’re going to get the results you want

Risk assessment – identifying possible risk areas and implementing the right business structure and systems in order to reduce your exposure

Strategic advice – identifying and helping you react early to threats to your business and helping you identify and exploit commercial opportunities

Customer and supplier appraisals Impartial assessment and analysis of:

Suppliers – supply side threats, relationships, discounts

Customers – bad debts, credit scoring, credit control

Market – market trends, changesin legislation, emerging threats and opportunities

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