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Business tax

Keeping your money

OK, tax is complicated. But dealing with us is simple. We make it easy for you and deliver advice in a clear, straightforward way. We keep up-todate with the latest tax planning strategies, budget changes and tax regulations with one clear aim: to reduce your tax burden and save you money.

Protecting your interests

It’s all too easy for your business to get caught out on compliance, incur penalties and overlook possible savings. But with the right advisor on your side you can get it right and save money – taking full advantage of all the many potential ways to reduce your tax burden.

Our comprehensive service makes sure that your overall tax position is as good as it possibly can be. We protect you from the tax authorities by helping you comply … and we’re quick off the mark in reacting to changes in tax law and actively suggesting new ways you can save.

Income tax, corporation tax, VAT, PAYE, National Insurance, stamp duty, benefits in kind … helping you minimise your business taxes, and understanding how they interact with your personal tax situation, we work hard to ensure the best results for you overall.

Corporation tax

Whether you’re a group of companies or a one-man limited company, effective corporation tax planning minimises the exposure of your business to tax. We can advise you on the most tax-efficient company structure, and help you plan how to take money out in the most tax-efficient way to maximise your wealth.

Saving you the burden of dealing with computations and returns, we make sure that you’ve complied with regulations … advising you early of your expected liability, and enabling you to secure all possible tax relief claims and allowances.

VAT consultancy

VAT can be complicated – and you may well need protection to reduce your exposure to the VAT man. So in addition to undertaking VAT health checks and handling your routine requirements, we help you to be proactive in guarding against possible challenges. Our tried and tested strategies pay dividends in securing the best results in VAT enquiries … and if you do have a significant dispute, we can help fight your case in a VAT tribunal.

As well as advice as to which VAT scheme would be best for your situation, we provide specialist expertise in areas such as VAT on property, retail schemes, zero-rated supplies and partial exemption, VAT in the EU, and on supplies and purchases outside the EU. We can also act as your VAT representative if you need one – for example on behalf of foreign-registered entities.

PAYE and payroll taxes

Again, we’re on your side – helping you to get it right, and defending your corner if your status is challenged in instances such as PAYE audits or IR35/status disputes. This often starts with planning to ensure you’re set up in a compliant way, and as taxefficiently as you can be in areas such as remuneration packages and cars.

As well as helping with preparing year-end payroll forms, filing returns online and reporting benefits in kind, we provide expert advice on schemes such as salary sacrifice, holiday pay, sick pay, maternity and paternity pay, national minimum wage, construction industry scheme, employees working overseas, pension issues and medical benefits.

Overseas taxation

We can also help if you’re based overseas … with advice on how to set up in the UK, advice regarding the UK aspects of your tax affairs, or how your UK tax position interacts with your international activities. If you need UK representation, we can provide this too.

Tax investigations

The consequences of mishandling a tax investigation can be serious. But with our proven experience and expertise in handling investigations, we can make sure you’re in the strongest possible position.

Whether you’re facing an aspect enquiry or full investigation, you’ll benefit from our tax enquiry strategies and unique knowledge of the internal machinery of HMRC … and our reputation and investigation handling will ensure a robust defence against any challenges they may make.

We can deal with appeals to commissioners of HMRC, obtain tax counsel opinion on your behalf, and represent you at commissioners’ hearings.

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