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Buying & selling a business

Get it right Buying or selling?

If you’re buying or selling a business, the stakes are high. So it has to be right. Right time, right price, right arrangement, right fit. We can help you avoid the risks, and enjoy the rewards.

Bringing it all together

Drawing on our experience of acting for sellers and buyers, we’re ideally placed to help project manage your business sale or purchase.

Bringing commercial, legal, taxation and accounting issues together, you can use us as your principal contact and sounding board through the whole process … helping with negotiations, pulling the various experts together so you don’t get bogged down, and communicating everything in clear and simple language.

Business valuations

Whether you are buying or selling, you’ll be able to benefit from our extensive experience of valuing businesses in a wide range of different industries. In any year we perform a number of formal business valuations ranging from resolving disputes between owners to agreeing tax liabilities, raising finance or valuing a deceased’s estate. We can provide you with an informal outline valuation or a more formal detailed one – so you can benefit from our experience and make more informed decisions.

Buying a business

Whether you’re a first time buyer, a manager buying out existing owners or a strategic buyer looking to develop or diversify your current operations, the big questions are the same. Are you doing the right thing? Will it work out? What will things look like in five, ten years time? We’ll help you think things through, and develop a strategy for handling negotiations and the deal process itself.

We’re on your side. You can draw on our knowledge and experience during negotiations to ensure the deal is in your best interests from all points of view -commercial, taxation and personal risk.

Skeletons in the cupboard?

We provide a range of commercial and financial due diligence services to help you assess whether what you’re expecting to buy is actually what you’re going to buy. The process can uncover previously unrecognised risks and liabilities, highlight any flaws in the business model, and help to expand your knowledge of the business. So you know what it is you’re buying, and gain the confidence you need before you proceed.

Raising finance

Need finance to do the deal? We can plug you into our extensive network of tried and trusted finance providers … and connect you with banks and finance houses, investors and business angels. We can help you secure finance by preparing effective business plans, financial projections and writing proposals – making sure you sign up on favourable terms.

Selling your business

It pays to think ahead. We can help you groom your business to optimise your position and achieve the best possible result. Done properly and proactively, this process can take years rather than months. We can help you create an exit strategy, identify potential buyers or plan for succession.

Share deal or asset deal?

We can help you decide on the best structure for selling your business, both from commercial and taxation points of view. Naturally this interacts with your personal tax circumstances, as well as your family’s overall wealth and tax planning. We’re well placed to clearly explain the options available, and make recommendations so you can choose the structure that’s right for you.

On your side

Understand the legals? You can use our experience of the maze of sale and purchase agreements, asset sale agreements, tax warranties, indemnities, restrictive covenants, shareholder agreements and so on. We’ll help you boil these documents down to plain English so that you can understand them. And we’ll look out for you, to make sure you’re aware of what you’re entering into.

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