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Personal tax

Making the most of your wealth

There’s a real benefit to having expert people looking after you. We can help you make sure everything’s in place to make your overall tax position as good as it can possibly be.

With proactive planning, we ensure taxes charged are minimised and that your own family’s wealth is maximised.

Tax returns

HMRC tell us that tax doesn’t have to be taxing – but it often is! We can help you through the minefield of completing your personal tax return each year all the way through to online filing … proactively obtaining the information that’s needed so we can tell you your tax liabilities or tax position as early as possible.

As you’d expect, we take every opportunity to ensure that you take full advantage of all possible tax relief claims and allowances, and all the potential ways to reduce your tax burden. We do everything necessary to help you comply, and we’re quick to suggest new ways you can save.

Personal tax planning

With the growing complexity of ever-changing tax legislation, we can help you with your personal tax planning – saving you time and money. We advise on many personal tax areas including inheritance tax, capital gains tax, pension planning, estate planning and the design of tax-efficient remuneration packages for owner-managers or key employees.

We’ll work closely with your legal advisors to ensure that arrangements are in place and implemented properly. If you need us to help you find a legal advisor, we can arrange that too.

Joined up thinking

Planning ahead for you and your family is one of the many areas our proactive approach can really help. Where we also handle your business affairs, we’re in the best possible position to advise on your personal tax … finding the most efficient ways to maximise your personal wealth, while minimising your exposure to the wide range of taxes you might face. The decisions you take need to be right for you, your business and your family. Tax can play an important part in these decisions, alongside other personal, practical and investment considerations.

You can tap into our expertise in areas from savings and investments to pension arrangements, life assurance, mortgages, provision for school fees, trusts and wills, inheritance tax, and pre-retirement planning. If you need the specialised services of other professionals such as an IFA, stockbroker or solicitor, we can introduce you to other tried and trusted advisors.

Tax enquiries

If you are selected for an HMRC tax enquiry, we can provide a full specialist consultancy service to work with you, help you through the process, and achieve the best possible result. With many years of experience in successfully defending clients’ positions, including providing advocacy at HMRC Commissioners meetings, we’re known and well respected in HMRC offices. You’ll be in good hands.

Tax protection

If you’ve ever been targeted for tax investigation, you’ll know how expensive and time-consuming it can be. And the risk increases with new HMRC initiatives, and ever more complicated tax legislation.

So it pays to protect yourself against the costs of professional fees in dealing with a full blown HMRC enquiry … and we can arrange this insurance for you through a specialised provider. You can also take out cover to guard against specific risks or tax points – such as possible challenges if you’re selling your business. You can insure against this and cover the cost of the extra tax, should HMRC be successful.

Overseas tax

Understanding the UK tax system can be difficult enough at times … but understanding tax systems in countries throughout the world can be even more of a challenge. We can offer you in-depth knowledge and experience in areas such as offshore planning, tax for non-residents, and non-resident landlord issues. We may even be able to suggest ways in which you can restructure your affairs to save further tax.

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